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About The Little Bookshop

Personne qui lit en anglais

- Tell me something about the store and you -

The Little Bookshop is a dream come true! A place where you can find English books and stationery/games/gifts related to the book world. It's been a project since 2022 and became a reality in February 2024. 

Why a dragon in the logo, you might ask? Well, dragons are, of course, important in stories. But there's more... We love the meaning of being a book dragon: wanting to get stuck in a fictional world and forgetting the real world. It also means that you like to hoard books. Isn't this a wonderful meaning? And isn't it secretly all of us? (Our beautiful logo is made by our talented friend Elo)

Liz: Hi book dragons! So I'm Liz and I'm actually from the Netherlands. I've been reading in English... well, it feels like forever! Before moving to Rennes, I lived in Dublin and Berlin. I know the difficulty of learning another language. I'd like to help with learning English (with the right books) but I'd also like to offer a place for people who just love to read in English. Hope to see you soon in The Little Bookshop!

Alex: And I'm Alex. You'll see me from time to time in the bookshop. I'll be lending a hand when necessary. I'm from Bretagne and I've also lived in Dublin and Berlin before moving to Rennes. Reading in English wasn't something I was used to – it didn't feel natural. After living in other countries and talking more and more in English, the reading part became easier as well. One of the collections I used to read more in English is the Not So Classic collection. Which, of course, you will find in the bookshop ;)

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